Signal booster

Signal Boosters have been around for as long as telecommunications have been around. Wherever telecommunications have been used to connect people, the problem of maintaining adequate signal strength at the Receiver’s end has plagued us. Initially all the focus was on the Transmitter end and most of the expenditure on telecommunication equipment was made on this side. More and more powerful transmitters were built, and towers became taller to spread the network coverage over wider areas. But as people began to treat their personal phones as an essential part of their day-to-day living, and not just a luxury gimmick, telecommunications took over from face-to-face meetings. We seem to have come full circle, because pure audio communication seems to be on the wane. Instead Audio-Visual communications have again taken over, but with a difference. Before, people had to sit across a table, whereas now they can be divided by oceans and still meet each-other face-to-face. But a new problem has arisen which is threatening to push us back into the dark ages of communications. Low signal strength and consequent call dropping, or garbled conversations, have forced our technical people to return to the problem of low or no signal strength. The Cell Signal Booster is becoming as essential as the cell phones themselves in many areas of the world.

Cell Traffic

As wireless communications through cell phones have taken over from landline phones, and everyone is beginning to carry a personalized cell phone device, the mass usage of cell phones is causing traffic jams in the air. Server companies are pouring in huge capitals into the creation of Booster Towers and Signal Booster Equipment, to ease the pressure of intense communication networking, but the infrastructure is unable to cope up with the rapidity of the growth in demand. This is causing immense congestion, and consequent breakdown of communications in certain areas.

 signal booster

Boosting The Signal

 The Cell Signal Booster is now gradually becoming the main solution to this increasing problem. It is being specially designed to work in areas where Call Dropping has become a perennial threat. Some top companies have begun to manufacture some really fine Signal Boosters, like Wilson and Cel-Fi. Some new companies have in-fact specialized in only developing Signal Boosters with the latest technology, like Surecall and weBoost. Portable devices like these are now becoming as essential, to the Customer, as the smart phone itself.