Things You Need As A Beginner At Sketching

When you decide to start learning sketching, you need a number of things. If you plan to attend classes, your trainer would help you knowing what you need. However, if you are planning to learn by yourself, this is to inform you about the sketching supplies you need.

  1. A sketchbook

Everyone knows that a sketchbook is a very basic thing you need to be able to sketch. However, the choice of your sketchbook would yield a very different outcome. For professional sketching, the best kind of sketchbook is the one with high quality sheets. Below, we have discussed some points related to the sheet that you should use for sketching.

  • The texture of the sheet, as already mentioned, decides the outcome. If you choose rough textures sheet, the strokes will seem raw and broken. And a smooth textured paper will give you smoother lines and strokes. Since it totally is upto the artist whether he/she prefers rough or smooth textured paper, you can experiment and find out which one you like.

  • The thickness of the paper is also something that artists choose based on their preference. It is important for you to know that the thickness goes in the ascending order. For instance, a paper that is 100 lbs. this is thicker than a paper that is 80 lbs. thick.
  • You should look for papers that are acid free. Acid free papers don’t turn all yellow and brittle over time.
  1. Good quality pencils

Pencils that we use to right are generally HB pencils. However, sketching requires pencils of different variations, from light to dark. This is why you should buy a pack of pencils that come in all the variations of H and B. These graphite pencils of different kinds help you make different types of strokes. While the light ones are rough, the dark ones are really smooth and need to be sharpened constantly. If you realize that you don’t need some of the shades, next time you can buy individual pencils based on your preference.

  1. Eraser

Even when we talk about erasers, there are different kinds of erasers and you can buy based on what you need. The regular eraser that you generally buy works well for graphite strokes. However, if you want to deal with charcoal or some mark that can’t be rubbed off, you can use kneaded eraser.  If you want to erase stubborn marks, you can use vinyl or plastic erasers. While suing these erasers, be a little cautious as they can tear the paper off. If you wish to know more about sketching, you can visit skillshare class.