Benefits of Using the Gantt Charts Software

free Gantt chart software

Gantt chart is one kind of graphic representation of the activities and other portions of the project that are compared against the units of time. These charts are employed commonly in the project management, and where they help to show succession of tasks deemed important for the project’s completion. This help to show the managers the complete progress or lack of progress on the specific task, and total project itself. This might show requisites and prerequisites of the task, in case present. Because of an ability of the charts to show project manager the quick glance about the project, free Gantt chart software allows simple identification of the important points in a project. This can help to solve the challenge before it takes place.

Why do we require Gantt charts software in the project management?

Any chart service must allow the project managers and teams to perform these following functions:

  • Project tracking – These charts help you to track down progression of the work items after the kickoff and monitoring tasks or deviations from schedule.
  • Project planning – Visualization with help of the Gantt charts will help to plot tasks, phases, as well as milestones against this schedule. You can set the benchmarks for time, scope, as well as budget, identify needs, divide this in deliverables and milestones, estimate time and resources.

free Gantt chart software

  • Resource management – You can easily assign the tasks to users, and avoid scheduling any conflicts or see relevant or available users.
  • Collaboration – The project managers are sure they centralize the project requirements as well as participants and users work off on similar knowledge base.
  • Task management – With help of the Gantt charts, users are alerted to the new assignments as well as view to-do list of the assigned tasks with the start and end dates.

Looking at the benefits of using the Gantt charts for the project managers

Manage complex information

With help of the Gantt charts, one can easily scan the critical project details. Thanks to these charts, users may know at one glance who can complete the task or when he or she will complete it, or how the task relates to an entire project.

Tasks displayed as the horizontal lines span some portions of a timeline. They actually have different the colors that will represent the employee and dept that they are assigned to.