Making your Jeans Last Longer

Denim Wears

A pair of designer denim pants can roll back from fifty pounds depending on the brand. In the current economic environment, when people do not have money for luxury goods, it is now more important than ever that their denim trousers last as long as possible. Although you may be able to deal with using your designer jeans for more than one season to extend their life cycle, there will always be times when your jeans will wear out.

You can give your jeans a new chance at life by repairing them.

This can be easily fixed by sewing them again. However, it is very difficult to pass the sewing needle through the denim, especially if it is thick, so it is useful to take it to the local seamstress for repair. Another common place for your designer jeans is the back of your thigh. This is usually due to wiping denim on other materials and the surfaces you are sitting on, such as benches or sofas. A common result is a gap in denim where it has become thinner. This can be fixed by stitching the denim patch in this area.

If you want to give กางเกงยีนส์ lee more style, you can choose a contrasting denim tone for the patch. In addition, you can choose a completely different fabric for the patch, but make sure that the new fabric is still strong. A fabric such as velveteen is perfect, or you can choose a high-resistance print for more information.


If your designer jeans were originally decorated, perhaps due to the washing and use of the decoration they have disappeared. This is especially common if glitter, sparkles or gemstones have been paired. Once again, a wide assortment of interchangeable jewelry will be sold in a haberdashery store. You can simply use fabric glue to stick them on jeans. Remember that you are not limited to the original design of your jeans. You can add new decorations wherever you want.