Select a best surrogate for your child

Surrogacy is the process of vitro fertilization, where an embryo is fertilized outside the body and then injected it to another mother’s uterus. Then the surrogate carries the baby all over the pregnancy and delivers a baby to their genetically parents.

Many people may not aware of what is a surrogate? She is a person who carries an infertility mother’s embryo to deliver a baby for her. One of the main issues when it comes to this process is finding the best and genuine surrogate. The below are some of the tips which will be helpful for you to find the perfect egg donation.

Check the background of the surrogate:

It is important to gather information about the surrogate and check whether she had any criminal background. You must make a deep research about the person. Once you have selected a surrogate you must feel comfortable and trust the surrogate mother.

Also this will helps you to know about the past given births. If there are any issues in the period of pregnancy or while giving birth, you can find it while checking the background.

Stay in touch with the surrogate mother:

Once you have selected the mother, it is important to be in touch with her. After all the woman is giving birth to your child hence in some case it’s your responsibility to take care of booth to have a healthy baby.

Do not select the one who is not a mother yet:

It may lead you to many difficulties, because if the surrogate is not a mother already then she may not be aware of the risks and commitments when it comes to giving birth to a child. So select the one who is already a mother.

Be aware of the legal rights:

This may be legal in your country; even though it is legal you have to be aware of it so that it is possible to find if anything goes wrong. It is one of the difficult processes from the beginning to the end. So you have to be very careful and aware of everything.