The ultimate beginner’s guide to sports massage

body-to-body massage tsim sha tsui

Do you want to have a better physical performance or reduce fatigue after an intense day? Then the sports massage is for you: it consists of a series of frictions, stretching, kneading or vibrations with a stimulating or analgesic effect, which besides improving performance helps to prevent injuries. Contact us for body-to-body massage tsim sha tsui.

Benefits of having sports massage

There are benefits if you perform it before physical activity, such as activating blood circulation or realigning the fibers, favoring muscular elasticity. You can also do it after exercise: to reduce accumulated fatigue or help the body recover for the next activity. To make matters worse, sports massage promotes concentration, introspection, and mood of the athlete.

It has different effects depending on whether it is preparatory, recovery or maintenance.

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body-to-body massage tsim sha tsui

Effects on preparatory massage

-Increase in muscle temperature.

-Increase in blood circulation.

-The increase of elasticity.

-Effects on recovery massage:

-It acts on hypertonic and fatigued muscles.

-Decreases contractures

-It facilitates the elimination of waste.

-Effects on maintenance massage:

-Maintains elasticity

-Eliminates muscle fatigue

-Maintains muscle balance

Massage is one of the most recommended physiotherapeutic techniques for occasional or high-performance athletes. It is very important to properly use ointments, creams or oils for analgesic or anti-inflammatory effects. For example, rosemary oil, chamomile oil, arnica cream, menthol cream or glycerin with alcohol.

Each massage varies depending on the sport that is practiced because the muscles work differently whether it is flexibility, resistance, strength or speed. If you are going to perform a sports massage, we recommend modulating rhythm, speed, and depth depending on your goal.