Dice Game For Adults and Children

Dice Game

To start the dice games, each player throws one hit to see who goes first. The unique game start number.


Each player rolls each of the six dice at the start of his turn.


At least one dice must be delayed at the end of each roll, or the roll closes.


The player can either end his turn and accumulate the score scored up to this point, or continue to roll the remaining dice to try to improve his score.


If the player scored each of the six dice games, he continues his turn with the next throw of each of the six dice, adding to the score that he just scored this turn.


A player flirts if none of the dice is scored in some random throw, and all the tricks for this move are lost. They do not lose their skills, as they are now betting on paper from past movements.


Dice are paid to the next player clockwise after they have completed their turn. The new player is currently starting his turn.


Each player after the first can choose to start his turn with each of the six dice or roll the dice left after the previous player completed his turn. For example, if a player bets three 5s into a score of 500, the next player may decide to roll the remaining three dice. If they score, in any case, one bites the dust, they gain 500 or more, no matter what additional score they learn.