The specialty of the charming hotel of Luang Prabang

hotel luang prabang swimming pool

The hotels of Luang Prabang are located at the hilly areas. The views outside the hotels are just heaven. throughout the rooms of the hotels, they’ve described the culture of the place. All the decoration and designs are indicating the special culture of there. The city is rich of the culture and tradition so they always try to introduce the customers with their culture in a direct as well as in an indirect way in the form of decorations.

Offers provided are just awesome

All the hotels and resorts of the city provide the special offers at a reasonable price. Well the hotel Luang Prabang  is one of the best-known hotels with the luxury services .the related packages provided are:

  • Luang Prabang half marathon package
  • Sundowners cocktail package
  • Sunset happy hours

hotel luang prabang swimming poolExtra facilities provided by the hotel 

The hotel ensures that they will provide the best facility to the customers so that they will come again future. It is the way to ensure that the customer is happy with their services.

Presence of infinity pool

If you want to cool down from a warm day or want to come out of the sightseeing then spending time near hotel luang prabang swimming pool is the best way to enjoy the fresh wind in the hills.

Availability of spa

The spa in the dense teak forest which gives a feeling of joy and comfort to the customer .With the help of oil with a soothing aroma giving massage to the customer has made it come under the top spas.